Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Final task: my e-portfolio's reflection

It is time to say goodbye to our ICT module of the Master's degree in Bilingual Education but before doing it, it is important to analyse our learning through these last months and realise how much we have learnt in relation to CLIL and ICT. 

In order to summarize my learning in every challenge, which I have include in different posts in this blog, I have created a presentation using Genial.ly. This is an online tool which you can use to design dinamic presentations, adding pictures, gifs, different text types, backgrounds and so on. It is very engaging and attractive as it also includes great templates that you can use in an easy way. 

In this presentation I have included every module of our subject and the different challenges that we have carried out, expressing my reflectations in relation to each one. I have commented my favourite tool, which is Pinterest because of the many ideas that you can find to use in the classroom, and also my favourite challenge, which was the chocotalk as it was a fantastic experience that motivated us a lot. 

I have also included some reflections about why every task has been useful for our learning as I think that all the tasks have contributed positively to our ICT learning and have helped us to implement these tools in the classroom.

Although sometimes the process has been hard and a bit stressful, I am proud because I have been able to achieve almost all the challenges in time and I think that the final products are good, so in the end it has been an enriching experience in which there have been more positive than negative things.

To conclude, here you can watch my presentation about my final reflections:

Finally, I have to say thank you to María Jesús @mjgsm because she has demonstrated her incredible knowledge about ICT and she has shared with us a lot of interesting resources and thanks to my classmates because it has been great to share ideas, artifacts and participate in collaborative projects with you. All of us have worked a lot in this subject and I am very proud of it.

This is not a goodbye, as I am sure that we will be in touch though any social media that we have used in these months!