Sunday, 21 February 2016

Learning by Twittering

Recently I have created an account in Twitter to share my thoughts and ideas about CLIL and ICTs with my classmates and also other people that I have started following. I am also using it to obtain information and ideas for CLIL lessons and how to apply technologies in the classroom.

I think Twitter is a great tool for teachers to be updated and keep learning about everything they are interesting in related to education, or any topic, as I have discovered that there are many    accounts about english teaching, CLIL, ICTs and so on. 

Besides, you can learn to use this tool very easily as you only have to know how to post your tweets and follow other people. Also, the retweet and likes buttons are very simple to use. It is important too that you show a picture of yoursef in your profile and that you have a brief biography.

Although I had previous experience using Twitter I have created my new account since the beginning and the process has not been difficult as I already knew how Twitter works. 

In summary, I think this tool is very powerful for teachers and it could be useful to use it in class with students, showing them how it works and using some of the resources and ideas shared in this social network. It could also be fantastic to make connections with other teachers, maybe from another countries, and that each class creates materials and activities together and they share them to the world using Twitter. 

Finally, here you can find my first tweet related to CLIL:

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