Sunday, 21 February 2016

My PLE and PLN for CLIL

This activity has been the most difficult to do until now because I did not know the meaning of PLE and PLN. Thanks to my teacher, María Jesús, who explained these concepts in class, and also the search I did on Goodle, I understood them and I was able to start creating my diagram about my PLE and PLN for CLIL. 

First, I thought about all the tools and resources that have offered me information about CLIL since I started my Degree and my Master's Degree and I organised all the information in a mind map. Once I had everything connected and I knew how to design my diagram, I started creating it using Easelly, a web tool to make mind maps in a creative and visual way.

I chose Easelly because it attracted me since the beginning and I thought that the templates were perfect to use for my own diagram. Because of that, I used one of the templates and I modified it with other texts, pictures and shapes, although you can do your diagram without using a template, creating everything by yourself. This web tool also offers a lot of pictures, text types and backgrounds in the free option and you do not have a limited period of time to use it.

I think that this activity has made me reflect on my own learning process about CLIL and organise everything in my mind and then share it in a visual way has been very useful for me. I consider that it is important that we know our background knowledge about something and how we have learned it. Moreover, Easelly has been easy to use since the beginning so the final product shows perfectly my reflections about my PLE and PLN for CLIL.

Easelly could be a great tool to use with children for example to summarize a topic they have studied, pointing out the main concepts they have learned and maybe what other aspects they want to know or reinforce in the future.

If you want to see my diagram for my PLE and PLN for CLIL you can find it in this link:

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