Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My blog's license

As you can see, now my blog has a Creative Commons license. That means that all the materials and resources that I publish in my blog can be shared and adapted by other people although I don’t allow commercial uses of them as I don’t want others to publish my materials and earn money with it.

I have added this license to my blog because I think that sharing our work with others can contribute to the learning of other teachers and we can create a great environment in which we can work collaboratively. 

Creating a Creative Commons license has been very easy to use as the steps are easy to follow, so you can add a license to your blog by using this link and choosing what you allow others to do with your resources. 

In relation to work Creative Commons with students I think that the main goal is to make them understand the importance of using online materials respecting copyright. It would be a good idea that they create their own materials for a project in class and then they can share it in the English class blog to show it to everybody. First, they need to create a Creative Commons license to understand why it is important to create it and why they have to take into account this type of license in other blogs and websites to obtain materials for their projects. Besides, they would need to learn how to attribute and cite where they have found the information and the author of it. Finally, we could talk to them about how they feel about sharing their work to others and how they would feel if others use their resources in other schools without their permission.

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