Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Our bank of common knowledge on Pinterest

My classmates and I have a board on Pinterest in which we are publishing useful materials and resources for CLIL lessons that you can see in this link. 

I have shared with them some websites that I think that can be useful for them, for example:
  • Peekaboo is a Youtube channel with interesting and creative videos for students. It's fun and motivating, check it out!
  • In this website you can find ideas to design musical instruments with your students! They will have fun using them and they will learn to reuse some products in a creative way. 
  • Great website to find educational videos in which you can choose the grade and the topic that you need
  • In this blog you can find many resources to teach science in English: videos, games, projects... 
  • E-learning for kids is a great website with resources for maths, science and other interesting topics to use in class! 
  • The school in which I'm doing my Practicum has this blog, which they use specially for English and Science subjects. They share interesting materials that you can use in class! 
I have discovered that Pinterest is a great resource to find materials for our CLIL lessons and it is a tool that we should use everyday to find new ideas and resources. I think that it would be great to show students this website as they sometimes do projects in class about a specific topic that they are studying and they could visit this web to find ideas to improve their projects and make them more interesting.
We will continue adding resources to this board so follow us on Pinterest!

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