Thursday, 17 March 2016

My edesign evaluation of a CLIL eproject

Before creating our own CLIL eprojects is essential to know some examples created by other teachers and evaluate their work to see the best points and the things that need to improve.

That is why I have chosen this eproject, Little geniuses of the Renaissance, created by @silviapl_21, one of the students of the last year course of the Master's degree in Bilingual Education. This eproject is intended for sixth grade and it is focused on Arts and Crafts subject. The main objective is to show learners the work of famous Renaissance artists, like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, and foster their creativity and skills to make their own artistic creations.  

To achive this, the author has planned and designed different activities:

-Make an infographic using Piktochart
-Create a mindmap using Lino
-Create a story with Storyboard
-Design a video with GoAnimate
-Make a video using Wideo
-Create audio files using Soundcloud

As you can see, the author has used a lot of ICT tools in her eproject so this is one of the things that I like the most about this work, apart from the topic as it is a creative way to plan an interesting and useful Arts and Crafts lesson for students. 

However, there are some points that need to improve. For instance, there is not a description of how to adapt the activities to children with special needs, so the attention to diversity has not been considered while designing this eproject. I think that this is an important aspect to take into account so we have to include it in our eprojects. 
Moreover, the author has not explained how the activities can develop coginitive skills, adding questions and activities taking into account Bloom's Taxonomy, for example. Although the activities and tasks can develop these skills, it is not clearly explained in the eproject so it is difficult to know if the author has consider this aspect or not.

Finally, I have created my edesign evaluation of this CLIL eproject with Buncee, a webtool in which you can create presentations using different resources such as sounds, videos, pictures, animations, stickers and so on. The tools are very colourful and visually attractive so I think it is a great tool to engage students. It is also very easy to use so I consider that children could use it in class with our help, for example to present their group work or project, but I am sure that as soon as they know how it works they can use it independently, even at home to design presentations for class or to study a topic in a fun way. 

You can see my edesign presentation with Buncee here:

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