Thursday, 17 March 2016

My prototype videoclip of my CLIL eproject: "Are you an animal expert?"

After evaluating a CLIL eproject, I have decided to create my own eproject about animal kingdom and life processes, which I have named "Are you an animal expert?". 

Although this is a prototype of my eproject and I will probably change some aspects after getting feedback from my teacher and my classmates, I think that my idea is well-organised and students can enjoy learning about animals by using ICT tools. Some of the tools that I have included in my plan of this eproject are Pixton, Piktochart, Pinterest and Voki. I think that all of them can be very useful and attractive to children and they can use them to do different things, so whenever they need to create presentations, pictures, videos or comics they will know different webtools to make their creations. 

The main activities are eight, in which the teacher and the students will design different products using the ICT tools described bedore, for example: create avatars to make descriptions of animals and guess which animal is the avatar talking about, make an infographic about vertebrates and invertebrates, create a comic, use Pinteres, Twitter and the school's blog to share pictures of animals that the students are going to create, design a rubric for self and peer-assessment and create a tree diagram to summarize the contents they have learned. 

If you want to know more things about my eproject, I have used this template to explain the main parts of it and I have shared it using Google Docs:

Besides, to show the prototype of my CLIL e-project to my classmates I have created a videoclip using Videoscribe, a webtool to design fantastic videos using pictures, gifs, backgrounds, music and any text type that you want. It is a great artifact to present something in a creative and attractive way, so I totally recommend it. In my case, it has been a bit difficult to use at the beginning but when you know how it works and you have a clear idea of what you want to do, it is very easy and useful to achive your goal. I believe that this tool would be great for students to create videos presenting their work or maybe to design a videoclip with the lyrics of a song that they can create by themselves.

This is the videoclip of my CLIL eproject with Videoscribe:

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