Thursday, 21 April 2016

Celebrating World Book and Copyright Day

On 23rd April we are goint to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day, so I have added a pin to A Wall of Books board on Pinterest to contribute to the celebration of this day. In this board people can share their thoughts related to books, such as their favourite books, a current book that they are enjoying and so on.

I have designed an Aura using Aurasma, an incredible online tool to create augmented reality. I have used this tool before to create an infographic in our collaborative e-project and also my group and I made a tutorial to explain how this tool works, so if you need help with Aurasma you can use this link to start using it.

Aurasma es an easy tool that we can use to motivate students by helping them to create auras of the topic they are studying at school. There are many examples of this tool on the Internet so we can show them to students and surprise them with the amazing things that can happen!

To create my Aura, I have used a picture from Matilda's film as the trigger picture and I also tried to add an audio file but I had problems to make it work so I created a video with the same trigger image and then I added the audio in which I explain which book genre I usually enjoy reading and what is my favourite book from my childhood.   

Finally, this is the Aura that I have created. You need to download Aurasma in your mobile phone or tablet, follow my Aurasma account (maria92collado) and then point your mobile phone or tablet's camera at this picture in your computer screen, you will see what happens!

Besides, if you want to see our augmented contributions to A Wall of Books board on Pinterest, here you can visit it:

Follow Mª Jesús's board A Wall of Books on Pinterest.

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