Monday, 25 April 2016

Creating a rubric to assess my e-project

As all teachers know, assessment is key to analyze our students' learning and help them improve with our feedback. However, this is not only necessary for learners but also for teachers, as we need to self-evaluate ourselves too if we want to be better teachers. 

In this case, I have created a rubric to evaluate my e-project, which I can use to evaluate my work and also see other classmates' assessment of my work using this rubric. Besides, I think it could be used for any e-project as also could be my peers' rubrics, which is great to have a bank of rubrics in case that we need them in the future.

I have used a great tool to create mine, Quick Rubric, which is really easy to use. You only need to register and use a template to fill in with the information that you want. For instance, you can write a title for your rubric, a brief description and instructions, the scale of ratings, maximum and minimun scores and the criteria. All this aspects are basic and very important to design an appropriate rubric so this tool is very useful because it offers everything in a simple way. 

In relation to the criteria, I would like to comment that I have chosen the main aspects that I think we should evaluate in every e-project. For me, the most important one is the effective use of the e-project, as the use that we have made of them during all this time is something that I consider very important. 

In conclusion, I think that rubrics are great tools to evaluate students and also our work. Without any doubt, online tools such as Quick Rubric can facilitate our work and lose our fear to rubrics. 

I hope that you like my rubric! You can find it in this link or here:

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