Friday, 15 April 2016

Participating in InfoEDUgrafías

InfoEDUgrafías is a collaborative project in which any teacher and even students can design infographics to share with others and foster learning using this great online tool. 

To collaborate with this project we have worked in groups. The members of my group are:

Laura Pérez: @LauritaPerz

Guillermo Lagarejos: @GLHmaster

Teresa Martín:  @Teresa_md

Marina Goizueta: @GoizuetaMarina 

Sara Rodríguez: @SaritaSar0 

My group has worked during several days creating an infographic related to our topic, which is animals. As we wanted to use new tools to design our infographic, we chose Piktochart and Aurasma, although we have also used other common tools like Youtube and Pixabay. 

Piktochart is an incredible tool to design infographics and also pictures or posters. It has a lot of images, text types and templates so it is very engaging and useful. I think that even younger students could use it to create pictures as it is very easy to use. 

Besides, Aurasma has been a great discovery for us, as using it you can create augmented reality. For me this was a new experience so I was amazed by the possibilities that this tool offers and as soon as we saw some examples we wanted to use it in our infographics. Although we have used it and we love the final product, we wanted to add more things to each Aurasma that we created by we could not do it as our idea was not possible to do it with this tool. 

In our infographic we have included some information for students to study the characteristics of each type of vertebrate animals (fish, reptiles, birds, mammals and amphibians) and also using Aurasma they can use their phones or tablets to see the video that appears in each of the animals’ pictures.

You can visit their post about our work in this link, and you can find our infographic about vertebrate animals: 

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